Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hey Everyone,

Alright, here's a couple ideas for how we can pitch in to help the folks in the South who need it most right now... anything you give is completely up to you and will be greatly, greatly appreciated by the people in those dire straits. And as an important note, the first suggestion is just something people came up with, it's not an official CWA-sponsored charity. The second one, however, comes from the national union. They're both fine ideas and deserve our attention.

Idea #1: Josh Kleinbaum's organizing a charity poker game, where $10 gets you into the game, then you can play all you want. The money will all go to Red Cross relief efforts-- none will be kept by players (I think I'm explaining that right-- email for more details). The game will be this Thursday and so's you can actually take something tangible home, Lisa Sodders is gonna make one of her famed desserts for the winner and Carol Rock will supply a pasta dinner. And even if you can't make the game or aren't a poker player, he's also taking donations for anyone interested.

The money will then be donated by our former member Nicole Sunkes through her new job at Yahoo!, which does dollar-for-dollar matching. Thanks to all involved on that-- you guys have true heart.

Idea #2: Check out the email below, which came to me from CWA. If you're looking for a different charity to support, we can help out our fellow union members by donating to the fund mentioned below. If we ever need it, they'd be there for us, so if you've got some extra generousity to go around, they could certainly use it.

So think it over and do what you can-- the situation on the ground is absolutely awful. Let's do what we can to lend a hand.


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Subject: Help CWA Members Devastated by Hurricane Katrina
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Dear Brent,

Hurricane Katrina has left millions of Americans -- including up
to 20,000 CWA Members -- with next to nothing. Homes have been
leveled, jobs destroyed -- lives devastated.

Many of our brothers and sisters have lost everything they own
in the world -- but they still have their union. We've got to
act now to help them.

Through the CWA Disaster Relief Fund, you will have a tremendous
impact on the lives of members and retirees who have been
affected. Your valuable financial support will be given directly
to CWA families trying to rebuild their lives -- at a time when
many have little to build on.

It's up to each of us to show the strength of our union family
and support our CWA brothers and sisters through the difficult
time ahead. Please, give what you can:

The long road to recovery will be difficult, and we have to
start helping now. If you know of a CWA family affected by this
disaster, please email or call me
at (202) 434-1149 with any details you have. It is imperative
that we identify people in need as soon as possible so we can
get help to them.

This is a call for help that every CWA Member needs to hear --
but not all of them will receive this email. Please, forward
this message to as many people as you can. Our donations website
also has a form you can download to copy and share with those
who wish to send a check.

Thank you for standing with our fellow CWA families in their
hour of need.

In Solidarity,
Janine Brown
CWA Community Services Representative

p.s. Contributions to the CWA Disaster Relief Fund are
tax-deductible. Please on the link below to find out how you can
support the fund.

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