Monday, January 15, 2007

A Brief Note and a Few Quick Things

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to shoot a couple quick union-related things your way on this fine Monday evening. There's no unifying theme, so I'll keep it brief.

First all, I wanted to pass along the news that we'll soon be getting DSL service in both City Hall and the County office. Working together with management, we were finally able to convince the company to rewire those remaining two bureaus so we can finally all get on the new system. This'll make working from those locations light years easier, not just for the folks who use them every day, but all of us who occasionally pass through. Thanks are in order for Kerry, Rick and Troy, who helped us make our case and finally got it nailed down.

I guess the thing that's worth noting for that and for other things that we all deal with daily, is not to accept the status quo. In a similar note, I just got sent to Vegas to cover a convention along with Brad Greenberg and Hans Gutknecht for three days. It never occurred to me to ask to go, but I've got a forward-thinking editor who was able to make the case we should send someone. And we were able to talk our way into adding on another reporter and photographer, which I initially thought would be too expensive. The only thing that mattered to Melissa when we pitched it was that we'd get good quality work out of the trip, which I think we definitely did.

So that's a little convoluted, but the point is: don't always assume that we can't get things fixed or do things differently. I fall into that trap, too, but we've gotta get out of that old Daily News mentality. We're always going to have to fight for resources and things will never be as good as we want them-- that's why this union exists-- but it's also not as bleak as we sometimes think it is. Whenever you see a way to improve things, speak up and we'll work our way to where we need to be.

Ok, one final thing, the ever popular shout-out, before I sign off. I know I've highlighted Greg Hernandez's work before, but his unflagging efforts in the last few weeks deserve more notice. Not only is he continuing to kick ass online, with his inexhaustable appetite for blogging, both on Out in Hollywood and On The Red Carpet, but he wrote a fantastic piece on coming out in Hollywood ( last week. That's exactly what we're gonna have to do to stay afloat in the future-- we've got to come up with innovative product for the Web but still present compelling product for the print edition, too. Keep rockin', Herny, and well done.

That'll do it for tonight-- thanks again to all of you and let's hang out soon.



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