Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Add One to That List

Hey Guys,

In my hurry to get the message out last night, I accidentally left out a member deserving of kudos in my quick list of shout outs. If you've still got last Saturday's paper laying around, check out John McCoy's pics of the Orange Line bus drivers.

I mention this because it was a lousy assignment-- and I can say that with full authority, 'cause it was me who made it. John had the thankless task of shooting three distinct portraits of these busdrivers and the new MetroLiner. There were no passengers, each bus looks exactly the same and the paper's shot the hell out of those mammoth things. Asking for a good picture out of those circumstances is like giving a chef three carrots, a chicken wing and some oatmeal and asking them to make a gourmet dish.

But in true Daily News fashion, John made the best of it and brought back three good shots, all of which looked remarkably different from each other. That's what this paper and especially our members thrive on-- making the best out of challenging circumstances. So while it's his turn to shine right now, we all oughtta take heart in the fact that we've all learned to put out great work under conditions like we're faced with. Thanks, John, thanks everyone. As always, you guys rock.



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