Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Welcome, Welcome.

Hey Gang,

Two quick notes on this warm Wednesday evening...

Firstly, please join me in welcoming our newest member, Scott Melesky. Scott joined the paper last winter and works in the always hectic, always stellar Sports department as a copy editor. He's a sharp guy who, like many of us, comes from a union background and joined to have a greater sense of security in the work place. Members like him, who are willing to work hard and enjoy their jobs, yet still see the value of having the union as an advocate, are just what we need. So thanks for your support sir, and welcome.

And while I've got the spotlight in sports, let me give thanks to Richard Perkins, who's been a tireless, eloquent advocate for our cause. I wish I had a tenth of his energy and passion and we're all better off because of his efforts. Rock on, dude, rock on.

Now, on a completely separate note, I've gotten confirmation from the union office that the automatic dues deduction is going smoothly in my trial run. Now that it looks like that works ok, I'll get the paperwork together and send or give it to all of you so we don't have to worry about doing the monthly checks. Hopefully, I'll have that together by mid next week at the latest, so thanks for your patience on that.

That's all for now, folks-- thanks again for everything you all do.



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