Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Believe a Double Dose of Woo-Hoos is in Order

Hey Gang,

Ahh, nothing like too much good news to go around. Let me share two completely unrelated, yet very fantastic tidbits about our members with y'all. And so, in chronological order, let's congratulate both...

...Naush Boghossian, our ace education reporter who was honored this week with the California Teachers Association's John Swett award. ( She has the tough task of making the mysterious, complex beast known as LAUSD into an understandable, human subject. She consistently brings the real, everyday issues through all the bureaucratic junk and does a damn fine job of it. Though the Daily News story sums up the award news pretty well, it left out important details such as the fact that she's also a fearless poker player, connoisseur of excellent music and sharp dresser. Well done, homie, many congratulations.


...Josh Kleinbaum and Nicole Sunkes, who are getting married. In his time at the paper, Josh has written some excellent cops stories, discovered a craps game at Dodger Stadium, written a hilarious first person piece on taking batting practice and emerged as a technology guru. Nicole, an ex-Daily Newser who's gone on to become a Yahoo, was a much appreciated and now greatly-missed colleague. Their poker games, while at times controversial (go to for all the gory details) have become a highlight of after-work hanging out. In short, they rock and I hope you'll all join me in wishing them the very best.


Ahh, yes, I also forgot to mention this AP award garnered by the our roguish, occasional member Hans Gutknecht and Tina Burch ( awhile back. Congrats to you two, too.


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