Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Latest

Greetings, My Friends,

Just wanted to update you guys on the latest on the timecard issue. We made an unexpected splash last week when LAObserved picked up my blog post on the issue and editorialized in support of our position-- it was a surprise, but a very welcome one that hopefully got the word out that micromanaging our days down to the minute is a very bad idea.

I met again today with Ron, Theresa, Laurie Knight and Araceli Leon from HR. Not much new came out of it, aside from Laurie saying that they wanted to find some compromise so they could keep more accurate records without compromising the flexible work schedule we have noe. We all agreed to meet again in the next few weeks to come up with some sort of formal plan that won't violate our contract but still gives them peace of mind. Until then, we'll continue on the regular time card schedule.

To some extent, this is a minor issue, but it's a handy reminder of how having a union comes in handy. If we didn't have that contract, they could implement whatever policy they felt like-- as they do in non-union parts of the Daily News. The current policy they're implementing in other departments states that employees who repeatedly work unauthorized overtime could be subject to disciplinary action. Not much of an incentive to put in extra time in a pinch when you know it could lead to you getting fired, right? The company used to be able to do that to us, under the terms of an old contract, but we successfully got it removed from the last agreement.

I'll keep you guys in the loop on this in coming weeks. Thanks to those of you who've provided suggestions and support-- I think we can figure something out that will work out ok for everyone. Till then, any ideas you have for how to improve the system are more than welcome.



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