Friday, July 07, 2006

New and Noteworthy

Hey Gang,

Just a quick Friday update for you, now that I've finished destroying my washing machine for one evening... a couple points of excitement from the membership, so please join me in congratulating these folks:

First off, how 'bout a round of applause for Brad Greenberg, who was one of 17 reporters selected by the Gralla Fellows Program to take place in a seminar on religion reporting at Brandeis University. In addition to his tales of homeless poker gurus and murdered models, Mr. Greenberg has continued the sharp religion reporting he did out in San Bernardino. This five-day program, held later this month, aims to expand journalists' understanding of Judaism and the American Jewish experience, according to its Web site. Y'all can find more at:

Secondly, it seems blog fever is busting out all over at In addition to Steve's Come On Feel the Nuys (, both Dennis ( and now Greg Hernandez ( have made the leap into the mad world of blogging. Our friends in features got things rolling with Red Carpet and Hollywood Babble On, but things have really taken off in recent weeks since Josh took over the Web site.

What I particularly enjoy about the various blogs is that they have distinct personalities that are very different from what we read in the paper-- Greg can write a box office story like no other, but when you read Out in Hollywood, you get much more of a sense of what he's like as a person. And it's cool to be around someone who's doing that, because it feels like we're doing something exciting again. We're all gonna need that sort of passion if we're gonna keep this strange business of ours afloat in the years to come.

So that's all I've got for the moment-- thanks for your time and I'll catch ya soon.



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