Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back in the Land of Switched-On

Hey Guys,

After yet another computer blackout, I have my machine back temporarily-- my apologies for the long delay in communication, but at least for an afternoon, I'm back online. And so, what better to do on this beautiful summery day than catch y'all up on the latest union news.

Firstly, let me share the good news that we've got yet another new member, Gideon Rubin of the AV bureau. Gideon started out as a freelancer covering the Lancaster Jethawks, then moved over into regional sports then recently started covering news up in Palmdale. He has proved himself to be both an extremely resilient and versatile employee and staunch defender of his coworkers. That's a great combination that many of you exemplify -- the willingness to work hard and speak up when things could be done better -- so I'm glad to welcome him to the crew. You'll fit in nicely here, sir.

Secondly, Alex made a good suggestion that we re-start the writers' workshops that we held in the past. We kind of got sidetracked on that after several productive sessions, so let's get that going again sometime soon. I can try to set something up after work, but if someone else would like to take the lead in organizing one, I'm more than happy to hand it over. Any takers?

And finally, it's been far too long since we've enjoyed a little happy hour relaxation. Let's try to get together sometime in the next couple weeks and kick back. Details TBA.

That's all for now-- thanks for your patience in these long dark periods. There's been plenty going on, but this malingering laptop has kept me unplugged for far too long... Thanks again and I'll chat with y'all soon.



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