Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More Additions

Hi Everyone,

As usual, I forgot to note a couple things in my last email, so I'm playing a little catch-up here. Forgive my scatterbrainedness...

I had a brief chat with Mike Lazarus in New Media last week after a non-member complained about the way the Web site works. He was enthusiastic about hearing our concerns and suggestions, so if you've got any ideas on how to fix up the new site, drop an email to feedback@dailynews.com. That'll go to Mike, Armando, Jay, Cynthia and just about anyone else who'd need to see it. Just like we need suggestions on the print side of things, they want to hear about what works and what doesn't, so please take advantage of the chance to chat 'em up.

If you didn't catch LAObserved today, Steve Rosenberg's 2000 Days in the Valley Blog (http://valleydays.blogspot.com//) got a nod for his thoughts on the Orange Line opening. Wow, so now that's our blog commenting on another blog's comment on Steve's blog commenting on our newspaper... anyhow, if you get the chance, both 2000 Days and Steve's other blog on jazz guitar are quite interesting reads.

And speaking of interesting reads... while I don't want this to turn into the Brent's picks of the week, 'cause I probably miss loads of good stories and photos and can rarely credit the hardworking people in design and copy, I can't help but give credit to both Alex Dobuzskinis and Jason Kandel out in Glendale and Burbank. Alex had a great read on an Armenian Genocide story on Monday (http://www.dailynews.com/search/ci_3167148) and Jason served up some great color on Sunday about aerial firefighters (http://www.dailynews.com/search/ci_3164890). It's a tough job out there, where you've gotta crank out endless daily stories and weekenders, but they both manage to find good pieces and tell them well-- nicely done, gents.

Alright, time for bed... see you guys tomorrow at The White Harte around 6 or so-- 22456 Ventura Blvd. Thanks again for your time, as always.



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