Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Sunday Night Check-In

Hey Gang,

Nothing major to report on the union front at the moment, but a few things floating out there that bear mentioning. So without further delay...

Thanks to everyone who paid your November dues-- I think I've got nearly everyone now, but if you missed me, you can still hand 'em in before Wednesday's meeting.

Speaking of that, hope you'll all be able to join us at the White Harte on Wednesday after work for a little year-end relaxation and celebration. We'll talk a little business, then move right into the important stuff like eating, drinking, toasting and arguing. Though my choice of tie, at-times-enthusiastic prose or taste in music invariably ends up becoming the source of ridicule, I still enjoy those evenings mightily and will be happy to serve as the table's whipping boy. Good times, folks.

In other good news, Dean Musgrove reports that our friend and colleague Hans Gutknecht is back on the recovery trail from his bout with pneumonia. While it initially had him pretty sick, I have it on good authority that he was able to pull a stunning martial arts reversal, then literally beat up the pneumonia, sat on its handcuffed back and lectured it about how foolish and naive it was... wait, no, that's what he did to me last time I tried to explain my views on politics to him. Well, whatever the case, get well soon, dude-- we miss both your shooting and your evil sense of humor.

And finally, for those of you who missed it, Rachel led a very productive and informative session on cultural reporting last week. Those of you looking for insight on how to approach stories-- or any work, for that matter-- from a different mindset oughtta talk to her, 'cause she's got a wealth of information. Thanks for spreading the gospel, Rach, we all need more of that around here.

That'll do it for now... now back to that stack of Christmas cards. Sigh...



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