Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Training Day

Hey Guys,

I've talked to some of you about this, but wanted to pass the word once again. In a rare instance of extra dough at the DN, there's some funds available in the training budget and Melissa asked me to get ideas from people on how to spend it.

They're looking for training programs mainly for reporters, since the design folks are going to be getting a bunch of Unisys training in coming months, but if people in any department have ideas, go for it. They'd like something that a bunch of us can go to, like a guest speaker or a writing coach, but they're also open to something where one person goes, then comes back and shares the info with others.

So have at it-- pass the word along to Melissa what you're looking for. Even if it doesn't fit in whatever they've got budgeted right now, it'll get them thinking about what to plan for in the future.



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