Monday, March 26, 2007

Across Town...

Hey Gang,

This is a bit peripheral to us at the Daily News, but I figure that we all benefit from a strong newspaper business, so I thought I'd pass this along. As you know, the Guild is stepping up its efforts to help out the newsroom at the LA Times during its seemingly unending string of bad luck. They've launched a new web site,, where folks in the industry can check out all the various goings-on at that company, so I thought I'd spread the word.

Separately, if you guys missed David Carr's piece in the NYT about last week's editorial mess-up at the Times, it's a very good read.

I was particularly struck by former editor John Carroll's comment about the role the staff has played in fighting off corporate meddling: “It is a nonunion paper in which labor has taken ownership of the place,” he said. “They have played an important role in building it, and they don’t want to see it damaged.”

While that's great that the staff has rallied like that-- we've certainly found that's the best way to keep things together here-- if they're going to keep that up, a union would certainly come in handy. As you guys come into contact with your counterparts over there, don't forget to remind them that we're here to help them on that angle. ... then we'll go back to trying to beat 'em on stories.

Alright, more to follow soon about more Daily News-esque news.



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