Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A parallel universe that's even weirder

Ok, so readers of this blog (all six of you) know that MediaNews can occasionally hand down some strange edicts-- the argument over how many personal items can be kept on desks at a sister paper comes to mind-- but I'm glad we've never had to put up with crap like this: Prove your kids are yours.

Kevin Roderick of LA Observed shares an emailed back-and-forth between Tribune and an unnamed Times employee regarding the company's new policy regarding dependents. From Kevin's post:

The Tribune Company has come up with a new tactic to cut costs and annoy the hell out of its employees — again. It seems that everyone on the staff at the L.A. Times (and so I assume KTLA) has to prove that their spouses and children really are theirs, and thus eligible for medical benefits. Though wasteful and mildly insulting it sounds easy enough, but apparently it's not. They call it a "Mercer Audit" and its demands have some staffers in an uproar.

Now there's a great way to keep your workers motivated...


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