Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cell Phones!

Greetings to All,

Just a quick Sunday night note... to those of you who submitted your dues to me, thanks for doing so and they will be mailed tomorrow. The rest of y'all, please don't forget to mail them directly to Vicki at the union office.

And secondly, Melissa tells me that not everyone who'd probably qualify for the cell phone reimbursement is signing up for it. If you're using your cell phone for company business, whether it's to take calls, communicate with your editor or conduct interviews, you should put in for the $5 per pay period you've got coming to you. They'll put you on a list so even if you forget to note it on your timecard, you'll receive the $5 every two weeks.

In small increments, it's not much, but at the end of the year, that's $120 you deserve-- it's something we fought for and they're actually encouraging people to make use of, so go for it. If you've got any problems with it, let me know and we'll fix 'em up.

Muchas gracias, as always. Thanks for listening and for your time.



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