Monday, April 09, 2007

Ah-hah! The Return of Sunday!

Hey Gang,

The computer demons have finally been banished and I can get back to business. Given the late hour, this will be brief, but hopefully followed up soon.

First, let's look at congratulating some of our comrades in words and pictures--

--Dennis, who always has a great touch for telling the stories that make up this community, picked up an award from the AP for his column on special needs kids at the prom (it almost made me cry, no joke)

--Troy pulled off an unusual feature with aplomb on Friday, telling the tale of a sheriff's deputy with a hump and a badge:

--Alex showed off his range last week up in SAC, landing a front-pager with a Magic Mountain piece one day, then a touching tale of a slain teacher the next,

--and Mr. Blog, Greg Hernandez, took on yet another responsibility with a tennis blog called Deuce. At this point, I think that Greg has stopped sleeping altogether and probably finds a way to blog while standing in line at the grocery store. Check out his latest creation at:

That's it for now. We'll chat soon and don't forget to point out good work that I miss, so's I can spread the word where it's deserved. Thanks, y'all....



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