Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dos Kudos (times two, plus one)

Hey folks,

This will be a short one, 'cause I'm on the verge of zonking out onto my keyboard in a matter of minutes, but I wanted to send out some props to our friends for some jobs well done. And thus, in no particular order....

Alex Dobuzinskis has been on a tear up in Santa Clarita as of late, covering both amusing debates over grammar and politics (http://www.dailynews.com/search//ci_5789626) and heart-wrenching tragedy (http://www.dailynews.com/search//ci_5814493). Nice job, pal.

Dana Bartholomew served up a good one with his feature on some recently unearthed Steinbeck treasures (http://www.dailynews.com/search/ci_5813075). As always, he conveys a great sense of drama and excitement with his unmistakable style.

Kerry Kandel had the daunting task of making a real estate and development story on Warner Center interesting and did so quite nicely today (http://www.dailynews.com/search/ci_5827886). Most importantly, it has significant added features on the Web, including a cool interactive graphic-- we've all gotta think of ways to spruce up our work with content like that.

Rachel Uranga's done a fine job of getting into the May Day controversy (along with Rick Orlov and Kerry, as well) (http://www.dailynews.com/ci_5842162), keeping folks apprised of the talk of the town.

And, in a related note, but in a different sort of way, I was glad to see our own John McCoy quoted in the LA Times today in his capacity as president of the Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles. Not only is John an excellent shooter, he's also always been a great advocate for good journalism and the protection of our colleagues. It made me proud to see him weighing in on the May Day mess and glad to see him taking a role in the discussion on how to handle this sad event and its fallout.

Alright, my typing is becoming increasingly unreliable, so here, I'll close. Thanks to all and to all a good night.



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