Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adios, Amigo

Hey guys,

As much as I want to be unselfish and happy for my good friend Brad Greenberg, I've got to say that I'm truly sorry to share the news that he's accepted a job as a staff writer with the Jewish Journal. In his year and several months at the Daily News, Brad has written some fantastic stories on poker, murder and neighborhood nitpicking, created a great niche covering religion and started a thoughtful blog.

He's also been a great asset to this newsroom, speaking up about how to improve this crazy paper and bringing a distinct, clever writing style to its pages. He's been my sounding board for ideas for this union and my stories, a great peer editor and a dear friend. I expect the latter to continue, but he'll be hard to replace in the other capacities. Happy trails and mazel tov, my devout Christian, culturally Jewish pal. We'll miss you.



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