Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Darn it! Delayed!

Hey folks,

Man, one week into the new year and I already screwed up on my goal of regular Sunday messages. An anonymous commenter already caught me on it, too, darn the luck! But I can at least offer an excuse, albeit a dumb one: I left my laptop power cord at work and thus had no juice to get my battered machine working until tonight. My apologies to those of you who were anxiously awaiting my weekly ramblings.

On Saturday, Kerry and I went down to the local and met with Vicki and Lesley Phillips from The Newspaper Guild, as well as several of our counterparts at the P-T. We had a good, lengthy session about ways to bring the two units into closer collaboration and how to get folks at both newspapers energized about joining and maintaining the union. With them in negotiations and us a year away, now is definitely the time to keep on our toes. Thanks to Lesley for lots of good ideas and energy.

With that in mind, we'll be coming to you guys soon to find better ways to get everyone involved on some level. While we've got a great unit here, we'll be much stronger if we can get more folks in leadership positions. We want this to reflect everyone's voices, not just my usual droning, so start thinking of how you'd like to be involved.

To get that started, let's all get together for a happy hour on Thurs., Feb 7, around 6 p.m. at our old haunt, the local El Torito. I'll send out a reminder. I've been saying we should hang out for months, now I'm finally getting off my keister and doing something about it. I'll send ya a reminder as the date draws nigh.

And finally, I wanted to highlight some of the great work y'all've been cranking out as of late. I was remiss in not noting the excellent work the Crime team did on the end-of-year homicide page -- Rachel, Rick and Jason all did some very touching stories, while Hans contributed some nice photos. The audio slideshows are particularly well done. And, back in the old-fashioned world of good ol' stories, I couldn't help but notice some killer quotes in Glenn's story on the SAG awards. It's not a subject I'd normally be all that excited about, but because of the way he told it, it really popped.

Alright, folks, that'll do it for now. Keep rockin' and I'll have more news to come.



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