Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Good Writin' At the Daily News

Hey Guys,

So we're always looking for ways to talk up furthering the craft and Susan Abram and Kerry Cavanaugh worked out an interesting idea. Since so often we find ourselves rushing after stories so hard that we don't have time to sit and ruminate over them, we'd like to carve out a little time to sit and discuss...

And thus consider this:

Do you ache to analyze sentence structure? Does good writing make you giddy? Wanna talk about it?
We'd like to start a monthly writer's lunch. This will be an opportunity to talk shop, improve our skills and, hopefully, get inspired.

Let's start Thursday, Feb. 2 at noon (hopefully in the Zebra lounge, but location TBA). We'll pass out copies of a published story that morning and then the group will dissect the piece during lunch.

This is just the beginning... we'll use something we find the first time around, then discuss whether we want to bring in our own work in the future and how we want to proceed. All are welcome, whether you're a reporter, columnist, editor, designer or anything else. We're all journalists, after all.

And while we're talking writing, check out Dana Bartholomew's piece on an alleged whorehouse in placid Suburbia in Monday's Daily News...http://www.dailynews.com/search/ci_3428131 . I haven't read such an entertaining crime piece in a long time. But that's a gratuitous aside unrelated to the writer's lunch _ just wanted to shine the light on a fabulously well written piece.

Hope to see you next Thursday...



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