Saturday, March 11, 2006

You're Hired

Hey Gang,

Man, we're on a roll-- two weeks, two new members. On this frigid Saturday night, I'm glad to announce that we've got a new cohort in our struggle for truth, justice and better journalism-- Mr. Brad Greenberg of the metro desk has signed up to join our not-so-little crew. Please join me in a warm welcome for the young man who not only landed a first person story, but a picture of himself on Page 1 today. Not bad for a new hire-- the only time I've only gotten my un-altered picture in the paper was when I was unable to duck fast enough when on assignment at the mall a few years back.

If you missed it, go back to and check out his piece on his unsuccessful attempt to land a spot on "The Apprentice," which is an entertaining read. And while navigating around the Web site, see, his stunning 90-inch take on the murder of model Kimberly Pandelios. That's the kind of story I wish I coulda written.

So welcome, dude-- you're just the kinda guy we need. Thanks for your support, we'll look forward to working with ya.



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